Pressure Cooker Type Autoclave

Pressure Cooker Type Autoclave - Portable

Pressure Cooker Type Autoclave
Pressure Cooker Type Autoclave

These low-cost pressure cooker type autoclaves are mostly used for general sterilization by clinics, primary health centers, Hospitals, Healthcare Institutes, doctors institutes, nursing homes, laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, etc.

It is mainly used where sterilization of samples in small batches are required. It also finds use in dental autoclaves. These pressure cooker type autoclaves have an admirably unbeatable combination of efficiency, quality, performance, and value. As it is lightweight and can be easily carried so you can use it anytime anywhere. Its fast operation offers a sterilization cycle at 121-degree Celsius in just 25 minutes.

These autoclaves have been hydraulically tested up to 40 psi to ensure the user safety. To achieve further safe working conditions, it is also fitted with a spring-loaded safety valve to adjust the pressure and a dead weight valve too. The lid also has a pressure gauge, safety valve, and manual exhaust valve to manually exhaust the pressure. The gasket is jointless and is made of neoprene.

The various types of models available are  Electrically / Gas Heated, Single walled, (jointless body) complete with Stand in Aluminum deep drawn Seamless construction & Stainless Steel. It needs a power supply of 220/230V AC and 50/60 Hz. A sterilizing pressure of 15 psi can be achieved at 121-degree Celsius.

Features of Pressure Cooker Type Autoclave

  • No specific installation required
  • Aluminum or stainless steel( 304 Grade) Body
  • Overpressure protection
  • Manual Exhaust Valve
  • ISI marked gasket and heating element
  • 10 to 39 liters of Capacities
  • Easy to use, just plug and operate
  • Heat resistant handles
  • Working on 220/230 Volts AC.

Specifications of Pressure Cooker Type Autoclave

Model No.APC - 1APC - 2APC - 3APC - 4
Hight * Dia275 x 225 mm300 x 300 mm350 x 300 mm550 x 300 mm
Capacity10 ltr21 ltr24 ltr39 ltr
Heat Load1.5 KW1.5 KW2.0 KW3.0 KW
Gasket (Joint less)Neoprene
Chamber WallSingle Walled (Seamless)
Exhaust of pressureManually through aexhaust valve
Pressure Gauge0-2.1 kgf/cm² (30 psi)
Sterilizing Pressure0-2.1 kgf/cm² (15 psi) at 121°C.
Hydraulically TestedUp to 40 psi
Pressure VesselAluminum / Stainless Steel (SS-304)
Power Supply220/230V AC, 50/60 Hz