Portable Autoclave

Portable Autoclave SterilizerPortable Autoclave

Portable autoclave sterilizer, that are usually used as a sterilizer help in getting effective sterilization at low costs. These pressure cooker type autoclaves usually have capacity ranges from 5 to 20 liters. These products are generally used in dental clinics, nursing homes, and hospitals.

This Portable autoclave can generate steam at a temperature range of 120-degree celsius to 135-degree celsius and accurate pressure. As the appropriate temperature is reached, the instruments are subjected to a saturated steam environment thus guaranteeing their safe sterilization. Here at Tancolab, as a supplier of this product, we ensure you long worry free  performance combined with safe operation along with maximum efficiency.

Generally used for fighting the spread of infections caused by pathogens, these equipment have vacuum made up of stainless steel and a fine aluminum body finish to give it a supreme look. As it is designed in a compact manner, so you need not worry about the space issue because it can fit in a really small bench space. These portable autoclaves have an overall sturdy, safe, rust proof construction that is perfect for your all type of needs and requirements.

The gasket is made up of Neoprene rubber material and the whole system is fully equipped with safety valves. It is also attached to a pressure gauge to check the pressure inside the unit and also a steam releasing valve. The electric heater of the unit is running on 220/230V AC, 50/60 Hz supply. The whole unit has bakelite handles to carry it. On an overall note, this portable autoclave sterilizer is designed to serve all your sterilizing needs and requirements thus giving you utmost satisfaction in regard of its working.The release of exhaust pressure is done manually through an exhaust valve.


  • Aluminum or stainless steel construction.
  • Over pressure protection
  • Heat resistant handles
  • No specific installation required
  • Fast sterilization 
  • ISI marked gasket and heating element
  • Light weight & easy to carry

Types of Portable Autoclave

Single Walled Portable autoclave plt-105(a)

pressure cooker type autoclave plt-105(e)