Steam Sterilizer Rectangular & Cylindrical autoclave

Steam Sterilizer Rectangular & Cylindrical

Rectangular Autoclave
Rectangular Autoclave
Cylindrical Autoclave
Cylindrical Autoclave

Horizontal Autoclave Manufactured  by tanco for  large volume of sterilization purpose required in Hospitals and laboratories. The Rectangular and cylindrical autoclaves are outstandingly designed to work fluently and conveniently under various high pressure conditions. Our high pressure type rectangular and cylindrical autoclaves are hydraulically tested to withstand 2.5 times the normal working pressure.

The inner chamber, outer chamber, steam jacket and boiler are made of heavy gauge stainless steel and a leak proof argon ARC welding is performed on the device. The outer chamber and the steel jacket are filled with glass wool to ensure minimized thermal losses. Complete safety is provided to the working personnel by fitting a safety valve and enabling the clear, easy and smooth drainage by the drain valve that is fitted at the bottom.

The steam boiler has water level indicator, pressure gauge, low water level cut-off device and automatic pressure control device fitted to it. These rectangular and cylindrical autoclaves that are used for dry sterilization have a spring loaded safety valve & a dead weight release valve to ensure higher safety and proper functioning. The work of the automatic vacuum breaker that is fitted to all the units in these dry sterilization autoclaves is to break the vacuum whenever there is a steam condensation.

It works properly on 220/230 volt and a 50 Hz AC supply. The Pressure Vessel, Jacket, Boiler, and External Wall & Lid are made of High Grade Stainless Steel. The gasket is made of a jointless silicon rubber whilst the tubular stands and supporting rings are made of either mild steel or stainless steel. The pressure gauge ensures a pressure of 30 psi and the sterilizing pressure range of 15 to 20 psi is achieved at a temperature of 121-degree celsius. The pressure is exhausted manually via an exhaust valve.

The microprocessor based digital temperature indicator not only gives the simultaneous temperature reading with respect to time but also acts as a pressure controlling device to enable proper functioning of the high-pressure type rectangular and cylindrical  Horizontal autoclaves.

Specifications of Steam Sterilizer

Inner Dimensions (Dia x Height)400x600mm400x1100mm500x900mm500x1200mm
Capacity88 ltrs162 ltrs165 ltrs200 ltrs
Working Load6.0 KW9.0 KW9.0 KW10.0 KW
Working Pressure Gauge10-20 psi
Pressure Gauge0-30 psi
Lid QualityHeavy mild steel sheet lined with
Stainless steel
Lid TighteningRadial locking system worked by
GasketMade of Neoprene Rubber
Sterilizing Pressure1.2 kgf / cm (15psi)at 121°c
Pressure Gauge0-2.1 kgf / cm² (30 psi)
Operating pressureFrom 15 to 20psi (Adjustable)
Inner Pressure TankStainless Steel (SS-304)
BasketMade of Stainless Steel
Water Level IndicatorFitted on the outer chamber
Boiler - Hydraulically TestedUpto +40 psi
Accuracy+ 3 psi
Safety DeviceSpring Loaded Type
Water Draining SystemHand Operated Valve
HeatingBY ISI Marked Immersion Heaters
Steam & Vacuum ReleaseBy Valve
Power SupplyThree Phase 440 Volts A.C. Supply

Accessories of Steam Sterilizer

Present Pressure OperationAutomatic Switch Piezostat (Pressure
Control Switch)
Heater SafetyAutomatic cut-off Device
Pre-set Time OperationBy Mechanical / Digital Timers Analogue 0-60
Temperature DisplayBy Dial Type / Digital Temperature Indicators
with LED display.
Temperature RecordingThermograph with / without digital display -
Circular Type
Dry SterilizationTriple wall arrangement