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Horizontal Cylindrical Autoclave

Tancolab is a leading manufacturer of horizontal autoclaves to meet the demands of scientists and researchers involved in laboratories, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, medical, food, beverages and tissue culture industries where volume of sterilization is needed. Crown made with stainless steel, this horizontal sterilizer is tightened by Radial Locking System. It is also accustomed with Pressure gauge, safety device (spring loaded), S.S. basket, water level indicator and neoprene rubber gasket.

The working pressure range for our front loading autoclave is 15 to 20 (p.s.i. adjustable). We test our large autoclaves to make sure the paramount safety and protection from any kind of accident. Having said that, they are hydraulically tested up to 40 p.s.i as a safety measure. Our horizontal autoclave is fitted with Automatic Vacuum Breaker to break the vacuum in case of formation of vacuum due to steam condensation, Automatic Low Water Level Cut-off Device & Automatic Pressure Control Switch. Dial thermometer in this horizontal sterilizer is also provided to indicate the inner chamber temperature.

During sterilization, the control system of this high pressure autoclave automatically adjusts the steam inlet and outlet as per the chamber temperature. Our horizontal autoclaves are best suited for all research labs where safety is the priority. All high pressure autoclaves have been given a supreme finishing, complete with cord & plug to work on Single Phase 220/230 volts A.C. supply.

Horizontal Autoclave

Horizontal Cylindrical Steam
Sterilizer (PLT-103)

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