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CSSD Autoclave Machine

CSSD autoclaves (Central Sterile Services Department). CSSD Autoclave machine are used in big hospitals to sterilize a large number of tools used in hospitals. Sterilization of tools in hospitals is a significant procedure before using the tools. Sterilization is essential to keep the hospital equipment safe from micro-organism and enzymes. The sterilizers can be tailor-made according to our clients.

As using the hospital equipment is not possible without sterilization every hospital needs a quality sterilizer in use that’s where Tanco’s sterilizers make its entry. Tanco’s CSSD autoclaves are tailored, keeping in mind needs of the hospitals. Tanco shines with certifications like WHO-GMP, European CE certified along with ISO 13485:2012, NSIC and ISO 9001:2008 company. With all significant certifications under our umbrella, there’s no need to consider the quality. With over 60 years in the field of manufacturing, we have steadily improved our engineering which drives high performing products over the years.

Coming to the service point of view every machine runs into a problem after a particular time and needs to be repaired. There’s where our engineers jump in, and they will reach your location and fix the machine in a flash. With the best quality, technology, and service we are just a call away.

CSSD Autoclave

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