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Autoclave Vertical

Tancolab offers a variety of vertical autoclaves with a chamber volume of 22 to 152 liters. They have designed with great efficacy to meet the requirements of research laboratories, hospitals, clinics and R & D centers. These vertical steam sterilizers have been designed to accommodate a wide range of critical applications for a total destruction of all living micro-organisms.

Even in restricted space, they ensure the safety and trustworthiness guidelines. Reliable steam sterilization is indeed necessary for various hospitals and clinics, this is where we have established our presence. A longer life, reliable results and high performance make it an ideal choice. We have also expanded our manufacturing to other dimensions, including stainless steel inner and exterior made of mild steel. These units are manufactured as fully stainless steel double and triple walled construction to suit specific applications of industry.

The most important feature of these vertical steam sterilizer is that they meet all important guidelines and standards. We have ensured prolonged comfortable working for operators by bestowing with microprocessor control system. The vertical chamber design intensifies space utilization and better performance. These units are completely customizable and can be personalized according to the requirements of customers. They can be supplemented with many options such as PID controller, digital temperature indicator, and a temperature chart recorder.

“Tanco” the manufacturer of the vertical autoclave is in the field for over 60 years and the quality, specifications, and productivity of the products are improved over years. All the products are made with artificial robots that ensures quality and cost-cutting. Owing to this it allows us to sell the products at a reasonable price.

Vertical Autoclave

Vertical Autoclave – Fully Automatic(PLT-101 A)

Vertical Autoclave – GMP Model
(PLT-101 B)

Vertical Autoclave – Triple Walled
(PLT-101 C)

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